Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Busy New Year

So the Post title might give it away that I maybe shouldn't be blogging right now, I should probably be packing. We're headed back to school tomorrow (New Year's Eve) and we haven't finished packing... at all.

I know, I haven't done anything with this since we got married. ha ha anyway, Marriage has been awesome and we just had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We were able to celebrate with both of our families which is totally awesome. We had Christmas Eve with both of our families at Benny and Laurie's Beautiful Newly Reconstructed Home. It was AWESOME! We had Paninis's (a personal favorite of mine) played games and hung out which was awesome. I love the Holidays it gives you a chance to reconnect with family because you have all this time all year long and everyone is so busy it's hard to take time to just relax and know that you don't have any job or school to go back to the next day! Anyway, Jeff and I had our own Christmas Morning then headed over to Benny and Laurie's for Wafflecakes (a mixture of waffles and pancakes) and opened present with Jeffs side of the family! It was AWESOME! and so much fun with the little girls to see how excited they got over presents and the huge DOLL HOUSE Laurie got them and Jeff got to build. I haven't had a christmas with little kids for a while so it was great! WE had matching pajamas which had a funny story behind them. (we thought they had been stolen.) Laurie could not find them on Christmas Eve, and thought she left them in the car but they weren't there. So sadly the girls would not have matching pajamas that year. Benny asked what color they were and Jenna told him Red. So he shrugged it off not knowing where they could be. We all came to terms and were fine that our pajamas would not match. Later after everyone had left for the night we were playing cards and Benny came out... HOLDING THE PAJAMAS! ha ha ha Laurie was like Benny! haha I thought you didn't know where they were! His reply was You said they were Red! These are STRIPED! ha ha ha oh my goodness! It was really quite funny...

Christmas day with my parents was great and DELICIOUS! My dad made Prime Rib which ahhh, was the BEST! Wow it was so good! My aunt sherrie made amazing Rolls! I think I had like 10. we also had really good salmon and ate and ate and ATE! Mmmm yum. Anyway, I was so much fun, We exchanged presents before dinner and my uncle and his Kids were there as well it was good to see them again. We also played a really fun New game that we got for our WEdding. It's called Dicecapades! I recommend it. However, beware when you play with a bunch of people who apparently have ADD you may be there playing for a while... Chad and Melanie and Baby Jack came over later and they are such a cute little family. We had so much fun with my family, it was weird it was my first Christmas partially away from home. :(. And their traditions and fun still went on even though I wasn't there! But, I can't wait for Jeff and I to establish our own traditions!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS, JEFF, FAMILY AND LIFE :) That was an awesome Christmas!

Well as I said before, this is a busy New Years for us. We're planning on heading out tomorrow (New Years Eve) and I am avoiding packing right now. which isn't the Best of Ideas. So I'll get back to it. I'll get better at this I swear! I love you all! Happy Holidays!

love, annie

Saturday, August 14, 2010


We've sent all the invitations out so hopefully if you're here then it's because you've received the invitation. So there are a few things about this site that you may want to know. This main page you're on just everything we decide we want to post on our blog. Then we have the "About Us" section. We will probably update it but for now it just says a little bit about both of us so that you can get to know us a little bit better. Then! There is the "Love Story" section, this is the story of how Jeff proposed! It's pretty cute and includes pictures so click on it if you want to read! Then there is a "Registered" section this will give you information on where we registered. Lastly, there is the wedding detail section where you can check out our plans for the BIG DAY! Thanks for stopping by our site and for all of the support as we start our lives together! We are so happy!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Future Wedding Attendees,

Engagements are done :) and the invitation will be sent out next week!
Props to Jenna for awesome pictures and to Jeff for being a good sport!

More props are in order for TAMMI, my awesome mom, who has been eating, sleeping and breathing wedding. It's going to be beautiful! If you have yet to give me your address please hand it over so we can get you an invitation!

love, annie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear long distance/long periods lovers,

Props to you all! I have only been away from Jeff for 2 weeks and I'm dying! We skype non stop! ha ha last night we fell asleep skyping and then Jeff woke me up on the same skype call. hah a th duration read 9+ hours. We talked until about 11 hours and then went on with our Idaho and California Sunday lives. Thank goodness for skype! I love it.
I'm not so social these days however I did go out with my roommates and their friends last night in atempt to catch crawdads. It was a fail but it was fun. However, all I could think about was getting back home and talking to Jeff. :)
love, annie

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Your Name Here,

Welcome to our Blog!
sorry it's a bit boring at the moment It will be brightened up as soon as I have everything under control!
love, annie